smokey cajun
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Smokey Cajun

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Blended with smoked Paprika, Cayenne Pepper & Chilli Powder, this blend is hot & spicy with a smokey aftertaste. Perfect for fajitas and BBQ rubs.

Try on pretty much everything; Fish, poultry, meat & roasted vegetables!

Smokey Cajun *No added salt* All-purpose blends
Description A hot & smokey Mexican blend that is great in fajitas. No added salt.




    • Dry rub.

    • Mix with oil to make paste to marinade & rub.

    • Use as a fajita mix

    • Mix with breadcrumbs to make a spicy crumb coating.

    • Mix with mayo or yogurt for a hot & spicy dip.

    • Great as a spicy steak rub.

    • Also great with chicken & fish.