salmon gourmet
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Salmon Gourmet

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Blended with hints of chilli powder and pepper to enhance the flavour of salmon. Can be used with all fish, but also perfect as a roasting seasoning for chicken, vegetables and potatoes.

Mix into water to infuse prawns before cooking.


Salmon Gourmet Fish Blends
Description Blended with chilli powder, garlic & herbs. Enhances not only fish but chicken & veg dishes too. Mild to medium spice.




    • Use as a dry rub on fish and chicken.

    • When grilling, herbs will burn slightly to make a blackened herb crust.

    • Mix with butter or olive oil and coat before roasting in foil parcel to allow flavours to absorb.

    • Drizzle olive oil & seasoning on veg and shake to coat before roasting to enhance flavour.

    • Add a squeeze of lemon after cooking to enhance flavour.