Paella Seasoning Spice Mix - With Organic Turmeric
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Paella Seasoning Spice Mix - With Organic Turmeric

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Blended with Organic Turmeric, Spanish Paprika & Himalayan Pink Salt amongst other fragrant herbs and spices, our paella spice mix creates a beautiful Paella with a strong, natural yellow hue from the turmeric.
Also a fabulous seasoning for making a marinade for chicken or for sprinkling on Mediterranean vegetables before cooking.
Try mixing with a little oil, chunks of chicken and chorizo and red pepper. Cook in a wok and add to warm ciabatta with fresh basil for a quick and tasty meal!
Mix with low fat yogurt or mayonnaise to make a dip, or mix with a little oil and use as a baste.
With no added sugar or artificial ingredients, this seasoning is also perfect for Slimming Club groups.
This mild seasoning is perfectly family-friendly.