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Piri Piri Seasoning 75g

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Piri Piri Seasoning

It has taken us a while to perfect our Piri Piri blend! We have created a secret combination of herbs and spices including garlic granules, dried onion, chilli and organic sea salt.

Mix with a little oil and baste onto chicken, prawns, meat or wedges.

Perfect for Piri Piri Chicken, but also fantastic sprinkled heavily on salmon to make a crunchy topping.

Great for marinating meat before barbecuing.

Toss with fries for a spicy twist.

Our Piri Piri mix uses kibbled onion which are strips of dried onion that rehydrate when cooked. If roasting or grilling, these onion pieces caramelise beautifully for a tasty, sweet and tart onion flavour.

Add to mayonnaise to make a tasty Piri Piri dip!

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