Culinary Lavender
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Culinary Lavender

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Culinary Lavender

Our beautifully fragrant Edible Lavender Flowers are perfect for baking, crafts, infusing tea, gin and cocktails. With it's pleasant scent, colour and aroma, Lavender can be used as a garnish on salads and desserts and in confectionary.

It's soft, floral flavour means it pairs well with recipes containing Rosemary and can be used as a substitute for this herb if needed. 

Lavender should be used in small quantities due to it's floral notes, so you only need to sprinkle a few Lavender flowers into your cooking.

Buy our Culinary Lavender with our Dried Rosemary to make beautifully fragrant Lavender & Rosemary Cookies - Perfect for Afternoon Tea.