Chipotle Chicken All Purpose Seasoning - Hot
Chipotle Chicken All Purpose Seasoning - Hot
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Chipotle Chicken All Purpose Seasoning - Hot

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Our Chipotle Chicken Seasoning is a hot, all-purpose seasoning made with Chipotle powder. Chipotle is created from jalapeño peppers which have been smoked, dried and ground which creates it's distinctive flavour.

Blended with Chipotle & Chilli powder, herbs and chilli seeds.

Use as a baste for chicken, fish, meat and vegetables. Just mix with oil.

Perfect for Barbeques

Use in Chilli Con Carne for deeper flavour & heat.

Mix with breadcrumbs to make hot breaded chicken.

Great as a fajita or enchilada spice.

Mix with mayo for a Chipotle dip. Use dip as a burger topper or in chicken wraps.
Add to salsa or use to make your own Chipotle Sauce.

Mix with honey and balsamic vinegar and add to slow cooker with pork for an alternative pulled pork recipe.