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Chilli Gourmet

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All you need for authentic Chilli Con Carne.

Mix with mince and kidney beans to make fabulous chilli burgers!


Chilli Gourmet Recipe Blends
Description Chili-con-carne in a tin! Hot, peppery & full of natural flavour. A great all-purpose seasoning if you need to give your food a hot kick!



    • Dry rub

    • Mix with oil to make paste to marinade & rub.

    • Mix with mayo or yogurt for a medium to hot chilli dip.

    • Add two to three teaspoons into chilli-con-carne.

    • Mix with mince, kidney beans, red onion & tomato puree to make chilli burgers.

    • Sprinkle on chips or roast veg to enhance flavour.

    • Toss veg in a little olive oil & seasoning before roasting.

    • Stir into pasta bakes or sprinkle on carbonara.