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Cayenne Pepper Ground

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Cayenne Pepper is a hot and spicy ground powder with an orange hue. Our Cayenne Pepper contains ground Cayenne Chillis which score highly on the Scoville Scale which is a measurment of the intensity and heat of chillis. The Cayenne Pepper is then blended with a milder tasting Paprika powder which is derived from grinding numerous peppers, giving our Cayenne pepper a distinct flavour. The fusion of the two ground powders means the Cayenne Pepper’s flavour can be evenly distributed into your cooking.

Cayenne Pepper is commonly used in Mexican, Cajun, Creole, Spanish and African cooking, although it’s versitile nature means you will find it in Portuguese Piri Piri, Sriracha Hot Sauce and even sprinkled into the Hollondaise Sauce of your Eggs Benedict! Try using in place of Chilli Powder in your cooking.

Ingredients: Paprika, Cayenne Chilli

Allergen Information: Our ingredients are sourced from an area that handles nuts, peanuts, milk, celery, wheat, gluten, sesame, mustard, sulphites and soya. Products are packed on our premises which handles celery, mustard, wheat and gluten.

Available in packs of: 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g