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Allspice Berries Whole

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Allspice Berries Whole

Allspice is commonly used in Jamaican and Middle Eastern cooking, baking, mulling spice and pickling. The berries can also be ground to make Allspice Ground Powder.
Allspice Berries can be use by dropping a few into stews, sauces or curries to add a flavourful aroma. They are found in many Mixed Peppercorn blends, so try adding a few to your pepper grinder.

Ingredients: Allspice Berries Whole

Allergen Information: Our ingredients are sourced from an area that handles nuts, peanuts, milk, celery, wheat, gluten, sesame, mustard, sulphites and soya. Products are packed on our premises which handles celery, mustard, wheat and gluten.

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