Lime Leaves - Kaffir
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Lime Leaves - Kaffir

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Our beautifully fragrant Kaffir Lime Leaves are perfect for Asian cooking. Chop, shred or use whole and add to curries, rice dishes, soups and stir fries. Perfect paired with white fish and used in fish pie or fishcakes.
You can use kaffir lime leaves to make a herbal tea infusion. Simply steep in hot water.
Try using as a cocktail garnish or gin infusion for a citrus twist.
Kaffir lime leaves are packed full of natural, flavoured oil, which when dried leaves the leaves with a strong, superb flavour and aroma. You will notice the strong scent on the lime leaf as soon as you open the packet. You can use this spice sparingly, as only one or two leaves are needed to give a wonderful flavour and aroma to your dishes.