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Taste The Season - Our Favourite Winter Spices

Taste The Season - Our Favourite Winter Spices

    As we creep into the winter now, there is every chance that you might feel the cold nipping at your toes! With the nights drawing in and us having much more time to spend in the comfort of our own home, now is the perfect time to start experimenting with new recipes.

Luckily, on our online shop you will find plenty of spices to help you make some delicious winter warmers! We have made you the definitive Winter Spices list to help you on your cooking conquest!

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Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks are the definitive Winter Spice. Their use around the festive period ranges from not only culinary but also in crafting wreaths, candle making and so much more!

    While the temptation might be to use cinnamon in a dessert-style recipe, it also works incredibly well in Indian food! As you surely know, a huge number of Indian recipes meet the needs of a winter warmer: they’re rich, warming, and deliciously spiced. Interestingly, cinnamon is one of the most used spices in all Indian food!

    Try adding a cinnamon stick to the next curry you make, and leaving it to simmer for twenty minutes or so. When you come back to the pot, you’ll have a delicious aroma that’s sure to make your stomach rumble!

    If you’re a lover of hot chocolate, a cinnamon stick will make a fabulous stirrer which will gently infuse over time. If you’re making mulled wine then a couple of cinnamon sticks are essential!

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Ground Cloves

Our ground cloves are some of the most fragrant we’ve ever come across, and we’re proud to sell such high-quality spices. Cloves really do give off the smell of winter, and they’re definitely great for any number of winter meals.

Continuing in our theme of going for unconventional examples for our spices, we’d recommend you try a sprinkle or so of ground cloves in a cheese sauce! 

There are a huge number of things that work really well with cheese, but we’d presume that cloves wouldn’t spring immediately to mind for most people. The truth is that a huge number of aromatic spices can hugely enhance the flavor of cheese, especially a rich cheddar. Give it a go next time you’re making a macaroni cheese or another delicious baked pasta like that, and you’ll be surprised how delicious the results are!

Cloves are also perfect for sprinkling into your festive baking recipes or for complementing rich meat, rice or orange based dishes. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly!

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

    We’re big believers in well-made, high-quality spice blends, and our pumpkin pie spice is no exception!

    Pumpkin pie is one of the ultimate winter foods. It may be more of an American dish, but the aroma of our Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix will give you all the Festive feels!

       Our delicious pumpkin pie spice mix is made up of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger. All of the classic spices from the best pies you’ve ever had! The trick to a good spice mix, we believe, is pairing some good aromatics such as ginger, with great flavors such as cinnamon. We leave out the sugar, allowing you to choose the type of sweetener you wish to use.

   To make your own Pumpkin Pie Spiced Latte, try adding half a teapspoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix to coffee made with warm milk, stir well and add your chosen sweetener. Top with a good helping of cream, a pinch of spice blend on top and a sprinkle of brown sugar to garnish. Alternatively, our spice mix lends itself perfectly to a spiced banana bread. Add 2tsp of the spice mix to your banana bread mix and stir well. You can also add some chopped dates for a chewy, sweet alternative.

  Our Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix also makes some pretty incredible cookies. Find the recipe on our product page!

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Mulled Wine Spice Blend

Every year we bring back our hugely popular Mulled Wine Spice Blend to help you toast to the festive season in true spicey style!

  Our blend of orange peel, lemon peel, cloves and cinnamon is again, unsweetened, allowing you to adjust the sweetness and flavour to your own preference. We have created some easy to use Mulled Wine Spice Sachets to make it easy to create the perfect mulled wine from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  Although Mulled Wine is a firm favourite, why not try adding to other beverages?
Mulled Cider has grown in popularity recently and once you try, it’s clear to see why! The sweetness of the cider really helps to bring out the aroma and flavour of the spices and is perfect served in old fashioned glass pint jugs or even in a mug, perfect for holding to keep hands toastie. Use a ‘real’, still cider such as a scrumpy for best results.
  Our Mulled Wine Sachets can be used in non alcoholic beverages too. Try stirred into warm apple or cranberry juice and finish with a cinnamon stick.

  When creating your mulled beverage, add drink of choice and sachet to a large pan and heat gently on the stove. Do not allow to boil. Add sugar of choice to taste and serve. You may also wish to add a halved orange and lemon.

   To keep your mulled beverage at the optimum temperature or if serving over the course of a few hours, heat in a slow cooker.

   Forget festive candles, once you have prepared your mulled wine your house will smell divine!

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What is your favourite Festive Spices? Or a hearty recipe you love to cook when the weather turns cold? Leave us a comment below!

We hope our list of festive spices has given you some inspiration on how to enjoy the flavours of the season! Find all these and so much more as part of our ever growing Herbs and Spices Collection!




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